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100 miles, and a fair amount of traffic on the I-35 corridor, are all that separates Austin from San Antonio. But for alternative-country, five-piece, The Barrens, it’s a literal world away. 

When vocalists and founding members Jordan Gibbons and Dana Smith made the trek in 2017, they left behind whispers of county covers and a trail of empty stages at San Antonio farmer’s markets and local watering holes. The violet crown was their chance to showcase their songwriting and establish themselves as an original act. 

But first, they’d need to expand their duo into a quintuplet. 

Like many great millennial friendships, this melodic party of five— Jordan Gibbons, Dana Smith, Trey Connor, Nick Chambers, and Cory Chenoweth —met by way of the internet. A few fateful music forums and a series of jam sessions later, The Barrens banded together. 

With a shared love of early alternative, they forged a sonic alignment, effortlessly bringing a similar edge to their traditional country roots. Their sound is distinctive and unpretentious, bending and blending genres into an effervescent mix of Americana. 

The Barrens are currently planning a tour across Canada and the U.S. to support their debut EP, "Young" which is scheduled to hit the airwaves in early 2020.

Jordan Gibbons / Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Dana Smith / Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Trey Connor / Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Nick Chambers / Drums 

Cory Chenoweth / Bass

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